Opening the doors of the United States!

We share a guide to understanding the different types of US visas. Depending on your reality, you could apply for one of the following visas:

● Tourist visa (B-2): This visa will allow you to enter the United States for tourism, vacations, or to visit friends and family. It is one of the most common visas for non-immigrants.

● Business Visa (B-1): The business visa allows visitors to enter the United States for business activities, such as attending conferences or meetings, negotiating contracts, or consulting with business partners.

● Student visa (F-1): If you were accepted at an accredited institution for study purposes, this visa would allow you to reside in the United States temporarily.

● Work Visa (H-1B): Currently, there are many job vacancies for foreigners, especially in specialized fields such as agriculture, tourism, or manufacturing.

● Exchange Visitor Visa (J-1): This visa allows foreign citizens to participate in educational and cultural exchange programs in the United States.

● Investor Visa (EB-5): This visa allows foreign investors to obtain permanent residence in the United States by investing a certain amount of capital in a US business.

● Spouse or Fiance Visa (K-1 or K-3): This visa is very specific and allows the spouses or fiancés of US citizens to enter the United States in order to marry or join their spouse.

● Refugee or asylum seeker visa: In recent months, the United States has increased its opening to orderly migration. This means that a person can seek refuge or asylum if they are suffering from political or socioeconomic problems such as extortion in their country.

We recommend that you contact us to evaluate your case and identify what legal options are available to you. Our team is 100% committed to creating opportunities that help make the dreams of people who want to come and reside in the United States come true. Without a doubt, it is a country full of opportunities, and we can help you find the best way to reach the immigration goal that you have so long for.